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Bright Future (ブライトフューチャー Buraito Fu~yūchā) is one of the five brands that appear in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. It is Umino Hitomi's preferred brand and is designed by Kagayaku Eiji.


"Bright Future" is a brand that is made for idols who are cool and stylish, and it has a futuristic dance theme. It makes wearers look like they come from the distant future.

Brand Concept

Created for the Rhythm of Hope, Cure Serenade, this brand is gorgeous and stylish with smart designs. Shine brilliantly with the brand of the future.

Known Users

Top Designer

The Top Designer is Kagayaku Eiji, who first appears in Episode 12. He is a famous movie director, best known for his newest movie A Nightmare At Twilight. He is mysterious and calm, and is often stating what a true actress is. Ever since he revealed himself as the Top Designer of Bright Future, Eiji has been good friends with Hitomi.


First Appearance

The brand is first introduced in Episode 2, when Cure Serenade purified a Namida for the first time. Soon, a glow appears at the director's chest, which materialised into Star Cards. Cadence explained that these Star Cards were from the brand Bright Future, and it was the Cosmic Queen Dress.

Bright Future next appears in Episode 5, when Cure Serenade had saved her roommate, Kagamine Moira. A glow appears at Moira's chest, which materialised into the Cyber Star Dress.

The Top Designer Reveals Himself

In Episode 12, a famous director named Kagayaku Eiji asks if Hitomi could play the role of the villain in his new movie A Nightmare At Twilight. Later, after the monster of the day is purified, Eiji reveals himself as Bright Future’s Top Designer, and gives Hitomi the Crystal Princess Dress.

Known Dresses

  • Cure Serenade Dress
  • Cosmic Queen Dress
  • Cyber Star Dress
  • Magical Girl Dress
  • Prism Glass Dress
  • Crystal Princess Dress
  • Glitter Snow Dress
  • Time Travel Dress