Idol Star Pretty Cure♪
Personal Info
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPink
FamilySonata (older sister)
Home PlaceLa Musique
First AppearanceISPC01
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Kogure Ema
Pretty Cure Info

Cadence (ケイデンス Keidensu) is the main mascot from the series Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. She ends her sentences with "~desu".


As she is a bird-like fairy, Cadence has the ability to fly, and as she is a fairy from La Musique, her voice is very beautiful and powerful, but not as powerful as the Pretty Cures'.


Cadence is a bird-like fairy with pink feathers with a white area on her stomach. She wears a golden tiara with a pink jewel on it, and a golden necklace with pink, blue, yellow, purple and red jewels on it.


Cadence is very friendly and cheerful, and loves to sing. She can be quite mature at times, often acting as the adviser for the Cures. She considers the Cures as her friends, and she greatly loves them, thus making her want to protect them at all costs.


Escaping to the Human World

Cadence used to live happily in La Musique, when one day, the sorceress Lilith and her generals, the Evil Tunes, invaded La Musique, and the Top Designers sent Cadence to the human world in order to look for the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.


  • Sonata - Her older sister. Sonata and Cadence are very close, and Cadence looks up to Sonata.
  • Lilith - Before she was brainwashed by Eris, Lilith and Cadence used to be good friends, and Cadence was to be assigned as Lilith's royal fairy when she grew older. Cadence believes that there is still a way to save Lilith, and still sees their friendship as true.


Cadence means a modulation or inflection of the voice.


Cadence's voice actress, Kogure Ema, has participated in several image song for the character she voices. Many of these songs feature duets with Amamiya Sora, who voices Kagamine Moira, and Nagata Ryoko, who voices Sonata.




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