The Idol Mics (アイドルマイク Aidoru Maiku) is the weapon used by the Cures in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. It is shaped like a microphone, and is used to perform individual or group attacks.


The Idol Mic serves as a weapon for the Cures to perform their main attacks, Cure Harmony's Harmony Hurricane, Cure Serenade's Serenade Echo, Cure Operetta's Operetta Suite, Cure Concert's Concert Overture and Cure Rhapsody's Rhapsody Baroque.

The Idol Mic appears whenever a Cure is about to perform, and is used as a normal microphone, as the Cures sing into it, but when they finish singing, they use the Idol Mic to release the attack towards the target, purifying it in the process.


The Idol Mics look like a normal silver microphone, but they have the Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ insignia on the base. When upgraded, the Idol Mics are white with a large pink/blue/yellow/purple sphere on the top. The sphere has a musical note inside it, and is nestled on red beaded band on a gold curve, and at the bottom, there is a pink/blue/yellow/purple jewel on a red beaded band.


The Idol Mics can undergo the Cures' individual attacks, which are:

The upgraded Idol Mic can undergo the Cures' group attacks: