Here is a list of merchandise that has been produced for the Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ series.

Arcade Game Collections

Cure Dolls

  • Cure Doll! Cure Harmony
  • Cure Doll! Cure Serenade
  • Cure Doll! Cure Operetta
  • Cure Doll! Cure Concert
  • Cure Doll! Cure Rhapsody
  • Cure Doll! Utau
  • Cure Doll! Hitomi
  • Cure Doll! Kiyomi
  • Cure Doll! Kotone
  • Cure Doll! Moira

Cosplay Costumes


Key Chains

  • Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ key chains
  • Cure Harmony key chain
  • Cure Harmony key chain 2
  • Cure Serenade key chain
  • Cure Serenade key chain 2
  • Cure Operetta key chain
  • Cure Operetta key chain 2
  • Cure Concert key chain
  • Cure Concert key chain 2
  • Cure Rhapsody key chain
  • Cure Rhapsody key chain 2
  • Cadence key chain
  • Sonata key chain


  • Cure Harmony figure
  • Cure Harmony figure 2
  • Cure Serenade figure
  • Cure Operetta figure
  • Cure Concert figure
  • Cure Rhapsody figure


  • Idol Bracelet (including Cure Harmony's basic Star Cards)
  • Idol Mic
  • Book of Stars
  • Star Cards set 1 (Cure Serenade, Cure Operetta and Cure Concert's basic dresses)
  • Star Cards set 2 (Harmonic Kiss and Cosmic Queen Dresses)
  • Star Cards set 3 (Rainbow Sparkle and Vampire Night Dresses)
  • Star Cards set 4 (civilian forms)
  • Star Cards set 5 (Cure Rhapsody's basic, civilian and Scarlet Butterfly Dresses)
  • Shoulder Ride Talking Cadence Toy
  • Soft Sonata toy
  • Sparkle Angel Star Card set
  • Bright Future Star Card set
  • Happy Magic Star Card set
  • Lolly Vamp Star Card set
  • Lovely Blossom Star Card set


  • Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ manga


CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and Console Games


  • Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ 2018 Calendar


  • Cure Harmony's shirt
  • Cure Serenade's shirt
  • Cure Operetta's shirt
  • Cure Concert's shirt
  • Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ shirt