Royalty Princess Precure
Personal Info
Eye ColorYellow (Fairy)

Blue (human)

Home PlaceHeaven Kingdom
First AppearanceRPPC01
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Sawashiro Miyuki
Alter EgoYurino Hana
 Lily is one of the main fairy of Royalty Princess Precure. She came from the Heaven Kingdom with Peach, to look for the Princess Pretty Cure. 

Is the Princess Twinkle fairy she ends her sentences with ~Li.


Lily is a cat-like fairy. She has yellow eyes and a white fur and has a yellow star at her forehead. She use a gold tiara with a orange gem in the middle. As a human she has a blonde hair and green eyes. She continue with her cat ears she hair is a Twintail,each twintail is held with a pink ribbon. She wears a white shirt and a pink checkered skirt. Over the her shirt has a light blue sweater. 


Lily is a little bit bossy like his owner and is always trying to make her choose what is right,what makes Tai stay with anger of Lily sometimes. Tai spoiled his fairy like his brother was with her (Tai).


Tai Matsuda-Tai is his owner. These two became great friends.

Peach-Peach is her childhood friend.


  • Lily is the octave fairy to transform into human.
  • Lily is the third fairy cat-like.
  • Lily are the only fairy tho have the name of a flower.
  • Lily has the same voice actor of Akagi Towa from Go! Princess Pretty Cure.