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Lolly Vamp (ロリーヴァンプ Rorī Vu~anpu) is one of the five brands that appear in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. It is Murasaki Kotone's preferred brand and is designed by Tsukino Yozora.


"Lolly Vamp" is a brand made for idols who are elegant and gothic, and it brings out a mysterious charm. It makes the wearer feel mysterious and charming.

Brand Concept

Created for the Song of Courage, Cure Concert, this brand features Gothic clothing that makes you feel like a vampire in the full moon. This brand's designs is overflowing with darkness which brings out a mysterious charm.

Known Users

Top Designer

The Top Designer is Tsukino Yozora, who first appears in Episode 24. She is a famous supermodel, and has a refreshing and easygoing personality. She is naturally reasonable, and is also bright and laid-back. Ever since she revealed herself as the Top Designer of Lolly Vamp, Yozora has been good friends with Kotone.


First Appearance

This brand is first introduced in Episode 4, when when Cure Concert purified a Namida for the first time. Soon, a glow appears at Nakamura Akiko's chest, which materialised into Star Cards. Cadence explained that these Star Cards were from the brand Lolly Vamp, and it was the Vampire Night Dress.

The Top Designer Reveals Herself

In Episode 24, Kotone is approached by Tsukino Yozora, a famous supermodel, who asks if she would like to star in an important fashion show with her. Kotone accepts the offer, and just before the fashion show begins a few days later, Yozora gives Kotone Star Cards and reveals herself as Lolly Vamp’s Top Designer!

Known Dresses

  • Cure Concert Dress
  • Vampire Night Dress
  • Gothic Romance Dress
  • Nightmare Goth Dress
  • Black Rose Dress
  • Moonlight Empress Dress