Mizuno Asami
Mizuno Asami
Idol Star Pretty Cure♪
Personal Info
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPurple
Home PlaceHoshi Akari
First AppearanceISPC01
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Isshiki Mayu
Pretty Cure Info

Mizuno Asami (水野麻美 Mizuno Asami) is a minor character who appears in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. She is the roommate and childhood friend of Aihara Utau, and her idol talent is modelling.


Asami is a tall and fair-skinned girl, and has long brown hair tied back into a bun, with two strands of her hair left in front of her ears. She also has black glasses over her purple-coloured eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a white shirt and apricot-coloured shorts, as well as a cardigan with a floral pattern. She also wears cream-coloured slip-on shoes.


Asami is a friendly and kind girl, and is very close with her childhood friend, Utau. She is also described by the popular model Murasaki Kotone to be quite beautiful, and thus, Asami was inspired to become a model like Kotone.


  • Aihara Utau - Utau and Asami are roommates and childhood friends, and despite their many differences, they remain close.
  • Murasaki Kotone - Kotone was the one who inspired Asami to become a model, and it is likely that after this, Kotone has become Asami's idol.


Becoming the First Target

When Antaeus enters school grounds, Asami is the first to notice this, and after failing to get Antaeus to leave, she is turned into a monster called a Namida. She is soon rescued after Utau, who transformed into Cure Harmony, purified the Namida.



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