Murasaki Haruka
Murasaki Haruka
Idol Star Pretty Cure♪
Personal Info
Hair ColorDark purple
Eye ColorRed
FamilyMurasaki Tadashi (husband)
Murasaki Kotone (daughter)
Home PlaceHoshi Akari
First AppearanceISPC04
Japonese Voice Actor(s)Sawashiro Miyuki
Pretty Cure Info

Murasaki Haruka (紫はるか Murasaki Haruka) is a supporting character in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪ and is Murasaki Kotone's deceased mother.


Haruka has red eyes and dark purple hair which is swept over her left shoulder, and her bangs cover the left side of her forehead. She wears a pale purple off-the-shoulder sweater as well as jeans and purple wedged shoes. She also wears silver stud earrings and a silver necklace.


Before she died, Haruka was a very famous supermodel, and she worked hard at her job. Despite this, Haruka was very kind and caring towards her daughter, and supported Kotone.


Haruka is first mentioned in ISPC04 when Umino Hitomi explains Kotone's story. Haruka was once a student of Yumesaki Academy, and when she graduated, she became a famous supermodel. However, Haruka one day fell fatally ill, and when she died, Kotone decided that she would not let her mother's hard work go to waste, and so Kotone became a student at Yumesaki Academy, just like her mother.

Haruka is first seen in Kotone's dream in ISPC04, when a young Kotone sees her. Kotone happily runs up to Haruka, and Haruka hugs her daughter. Haruka then asks what Kotone wanted to be when she grew up, and Kotone said that she wanted to be a supermodel like Haruka. Haruka smiled, and said that if Kotone was ever chosen something for something important, she must do it, no matter what. Kotone was confused, and Haruka explained that she once had a dream of an older Kotone, transforming into a beautiful soldier of courage. Kotone was still confused, and Haruka continued to explain that Kotone would one day be told to fight evil. Kotone said that she didn't want to fight evil, but Haruka said instead of fighting evil, Kotone would be defending the world. Kotone liked the idea, and hugged her mother.


  • Murasaki Kotone - Kotone is Haruka's daughter, and they were very close. It was Haruka's death that drove Kotone to become a supermodel like her mother.



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