Princess Diana
Dance Dance Pretty Cure
Personal Info
BirthdayMay 20
Hair ColorYellow
Eye ColorGold
FamilyPrince Emerald
Home PlaceHealth Kingdom
First AppearanceDDPC05
Voice Actor(s)Nao Toyama
 Diana is the Princess of Health Kingdom and the younger sister of Emerald. It has healing powers and that to make it a little useful in battle.


Very helpful and wedded to his brother has a very strong maternal sense, is the kind of person who likes to feel useful and necessary, it gets to take on more responsibility than you can really afford. And do not usually go back on his words.


Diamond has a blond hair of medium length. She wears earrings shaped blue roses. Diamond wears a long yellow dress.


Prince Emerald-Emerald is the older brother of Diamond. She is very wedded to him

Natsume Usagi-Usagi is a student at the school of cures that became a Diamond friend.

Princess Darklight-Darklight was the Diamond was best friend.

Loli-Loli and Diamond have always been good friends.


Diamond Healing-when she uses Diamond Healing all wounds of Cures are healed.

Diaerald Attack-diamond and Emerald attack together.


Hoseki: Hoseki (宝石) means precious stone.

Diana: Diana means Heavenly. Then your name means heavenly gem.


Diana's voice actresses Nao Toyama,have participated in several image songs for the character they play. They have also participated in several duets and group songs with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka who voices Hoseki Ouji,Ayana Taketatsu who voices Shinjite May,Ai Kayano who voices Seiji Riki,Risa Taneda who voices Yasushi Yasuhiro.


The diamond love song ~With all my heart ♡ ~

Lovely Memories


The melody of the two lovers ~♡♥~ (Along with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)

Holy Lovely Justice (Along with Ayana Taketatsu, Ai Kayano and Risa Tenada)

Aways with you (Along with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)


  • Diana is the first princess to not be a Cure.
  • Diana is the first princess to have a Brother. 
  • Diana is the first Princess to not be a Cure but have powers.

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