Princess Pad (プリンセスパッド Purinsesu Paddo) is an item used in Royalty Princess Pretty Cure to hold Miss lessons, and when they need a lesson on an activity such as dance lessons, dress making,play violin, etc., they circle the pen above the red heart at the bottom of the item to call Miss Lessons out.


The Princess Lesson Pad looks like an original tablet with a silver crown emblem on the top of the black screen. A light pink pad with white detail surrounding the golden heart located at each corner. The middle and screen is black with a white heart and bead design all over it, along with a single hot pink heart at the corner and three beneath the screen. A large deep pink gem heart rests at the bottom with a hole in it for Princess Decoration to be inserted.


  • This is the third tablet-like item to be featured in the Pretty Cure franchise, the first being the Magical Lovely Pad from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.