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Sparkle Angel (スパークルエンジェル Supākuru Enjeru) is one of the five brands that appear in Idol Star Pretty Cure♪. It is Aihara Utau's preferred brand and is designed by Fukushima Tsubasa.


"Sparkle Angel" is a brand that is made for idols who are cute and lovely, and the brand has an angelic motif. It makes wearers look just like an angel.

Brand Concept

Created for the Melody of Love, Cure Harmony, this brand features super-cute clothing that will make the wearer feel like an angel. Enjoy a lovely day out wearing our cute designs!

Known Users

Top Designer

The Top Designer is Fukushima Tsubasa, who first appears in Episode 6. She is the headmistress of Yumesaki Academy, and is very kind and caring. She is the one who proposed the idea of Utau's first concert, and ever since she revealed herself as the Top Designer of Sparkle Angel, Tsubasa has been good friends with Utau.


First Appearance

The brand is first introduced in Episode 1, when Cure Harmony purifies her friend Mizuno Asami after she was turned into a Namida. Cure Harmony smiles at Asami, and is glad that she is okay, but just then, a glow appeared in front of Asami's chest, which materialized into Star Cards. Cadence explained that these Star Cards were from the brand Sparkle Angel, and it was the Harmonic Kiss Dress.

The Top Designer Reveals Herself

In Episode 6, the headmistress of Yumesaki Academy, Fukushima Tsubasa, proposes that Utau hold a first concert. Utau agrees, and Tsubasa explains that she would take care of everything, and all Utau had to do was to choose a song and practice it. On the concert, Tsubasa gives Utau the Aurora Dream Dress, and reveals herself as Sparkle Angel’s Top Designer! Later, after the monster of the day is purified, Cure Harmony receives the Gorgeous Heart Dress.

Known Dresses

  • Cure Harmony Dress
  • Harmonic Kiss Dress
  • Aurora Dream Dress
  • Gorgeous Heart Dress
  • Flower Ribbon Dress
  • Valentine Kiss Dress
  • Sweet Sugar Dress
  • Angelic Beauty Dress